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Cutting Course Education

We believe that it only takes three things to become a truly impressive hairstylist SKILL- KNOWLEDGE AND ATTITUDE

We can help with two of those the third is up to you. Our education team have developed courses that are interesting and innovative we recognise the different levels of learning and are able to flex the courses to the different needs of the group and the individual.

We currently run 2 cutting courses.

'Three' and 'Freestyle' are currently running at Phab wholesale see Phab education.

Cutting course - Three

'Freestyle' Cutting Course

'Three' - 1 day
£800.00+VAT, plus expenses
max 12 delegates

We strip down haircuts to there component parts and show you how to put it all together. During the morning demo we find out what you want to learn from the day (this may be different for each individual - although there are often common themes).

In the afternoon we'll help you put it all into practice. Our aim is to get you to be able to create any haircut you see and some you don't (yet).

Suitable for newly qualified or junior stylists, mobile hairdressers and hairdressers looking to improve or feel they are stuck in a rut.

Cutting course - Freestyle

'Freestyle' Cutting Course

'Freestyle ' - 1 day  
£800.00+VAT, plus expenses
max 12 delegates

We were going to call this course 'creative cutting' so we looked up the dictionary definition of creative "resulting from originality of thought, expression etc, imaginative".

We are good, but we're not good enough to make you think in an original way. What we can do is give you the tools and skills to express your originality and imagination.

This course can go anywhere, it's driven by you and your desire to create. You will finish the day with some new and innovative ways of looking and approaching your haircuts.

We assume you know the rules, we might show you how to break a few.

Suitable for all fully qualified stylists. Courses tailored for you.

1, 2, 3 or more days subject to required outcomes - £800.00+VAT a day, plus expenses.

Salon owners - to include managing and developing a team - communication skills - client building and retention - managing your column - motivation - one to one coaching - retailing - team building. 

Learning and development

Two Bald Blokes

My other business is a learning and development company working with some of the biggest companies in the country.


We can access all of that knowledge and expertise and apply it to your business.

We will come to you and after an in depth consultation build a training programme specifically for your requirements this can also include cutting, colouring, consultation techniques whatever you feel will improve you and your business.

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