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Hair Products

We take priding in researching and using only the best quality products that our kind to your hair and the environment.

We won’t flog you expensive hair products. We'll only make recommendations when we genuinely believe a product will benefit your hair.

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PHYTO products contain over 95% natural and botanical origin ingredients. During 40 years of botanical research PHYTO has submitted many patents and conducted numerous clinical studies and scientific tests. 

It is through this nature-friendly science that PHYTO knows how to make your hair happy. And happy hair will change your life!

"The definition of beauty is, first and foremost, to accept oneself and have a sense of self-worth - that's already a form of beauty. It is in a look; it's in the sensation of creating something."

Mr Patrick Ales, Founder of PHYTO




O'right products

O’right is dedicated to providing healthy and green products. Product formulas are designed to be mild on the human body and eco-friendly for the environment. 

O’right’s “Tree in the bottle” shampoo range is made from PLA, extracted from waste fruits. Bottles can be buried in the ground after use where they will decompose into compost within a year and return the nutrients back to nature. 

O'right's products are FREE from…

  • Enivron. Hormones (NP)
  • Parabens
  • Formaldehyde
  • Colourants
  • Phthalates
  • Sulfate surfactants
  • Thickeners, DEA (Diethylolamine)
  • EO (Ethylene Oxide) derivates 

Hair irons


After exhaustive research - introducing in our opinion - the 5 best Hair Irons on the market. 

£145.00 GHD Eclipse (White) 

Quite simply the coolest iron on the planet. No heat loss, constant optimal temperature, the best and longest lasting results. 

£120.00 Cloud 9 - Original 

The professionals’ favourite. Temperature control, floating plate and great for curls. 

£95.00 Cloud 9 - Touch 

A great all rounder. Offers instant heat. No on/off switch. Lower temperature - good for fine hair and softer styling. 

£55.00 Cloud 9 - Micro 

Great for the traveller. Only 6 inches long. Perfect for fringes and short hair. 

£45.00 Hairtools - Vibestyle 

One for the party girls! A professional iron at a great price. Vibrates, no creases. 

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